Anti-corrosion protection

Anti-corrosion protection of steel

At the beginning of 2015, the company ZWM Dojnikowscy launched a new department – wet paint shop. At present our staff have all the qualifications and skills to apply anti-corrosion, fireproof, heat-resistant and decorative coatings, which is confirmed by numerous trainings and experience acquired during previous projects. The decision was also made to equip the paint shop with modern hydrodynamic pumps, which resulted in a significant increase in the productivity of work and the quality of the obtained coatings.

To provide high quality of the coating, the thickness of the applied layers and the atmospheric conditions inside the paint shop are measured several times a day. Thanks to special heaters we are able to perform painting works also in winter. These devices allow maintaining constant temperature inside the paint shop (over 10 C degrees) during the whole painting process, which greatly affects the curing of the paint and, consequently, its duration.