Welding portal

Welding portal Welding portal for two-sided welding of sections MSA-4 PS

Application: Longitudinal welding of beams with T-shaped and I-Tie profile with a web height of 1600 mm in pos. vertical web with automatic burner position correction (optional), hydraulic pressure compensation and universal water tight grip table.

Description: Gantry portal with clamping system and fixing of welding heads – mechanized, moving on a modular track, with a length, according to the assumptions, a multiple of 6 m (assumed 3 sections). The internal dimension of the portal allows the welding of products with a maximum height of 1.6 m and a width of 0.8 m. An important innovation is integrated in the portal of the upper pressure of the structure (eg welded sheet metal), adjustable in the range of 200 to 1000 kg.


Welding portal
Parameter name Value obtained
Type of manipulation mechanized portal feed, liquid regulation, programmable memory, automatic burner guidance
Track length - 1 module 6 m
The width of the integrated clamping table 0,8 m
Length of the integrated table (maximum element length) 18 m
Method of cooling the integrated table aluminum radiator with internal water circulation
Compensation pin hydraulic, weights integrated with the mobile portal, 200-1000 kg
Self-pressing height (max.) 1,5 m
Number of welding heads (max.) 2
Usable welding method MIG/MAG, SAWłuk kryty