Road, park and safety barriers

Elements of urban design Road and park barriers

Road and park barriers

Functionality, modern design, easy assembly. Using them in parks, squares, or streets provide effective protection while also enriching the urban landscape. Barriers produced by ZWM Dojnikowscy are characterized by excellent quality and perfect finishing.

Main features:

  • possibility of changing the pattern within the barier frame,
  • easy installation – also in demanding terrain,
  • dimensions adjustable according to client’s needs,
  • wide range of colors – including reflective coatings,
  • the product is galvanized and powder coated,
  • the possibility of covering the barrier surface with special coating of increased strength dedicated for aggressive environments, eg in seaside areas or heavy traffic areas.

Versatility of use:

  • along the road lanes,
  • around/in city parks,
  • in urban infrastructure,around/along squares, along promenades, lawns,  public buildings, and many more,
  • in private properties.
Road, park and safety barriers

Safety barriers

There is no better way to secure mass events than by using safety barriers, which perfectly resist the crowd advancing to the stage, do not reflect sound, and at the same time they are an aesthetic part of event’s equipment. They are made of hot-dip galvanized pipes of 16 or 28 mm diameter.

Their basic feature is high resistance to mechanical damage and therefore they can be subjected to intensive use. Safety barriers can be freely connected and disconnected.  Their light weight and the fact that they do not take much place makes it very easy to transport them. Thanks to the special shape of the lock, the barriers cannot be disconnected when standing in a line, which further encourages safety at the biggest outdoor or club events. The assembly and disassembly process is very short.

We use only high quality materials in the production process, which guarantees the client the highest quality of the product. Our advantage over other producers results also from the most attractive prices.