Automation and barriers

Automation and barriers

We sell automation of the best producers in the world.

We guarantee safety, strength, economic use, functionality and post-warranty service. We also offer installation of automatics done by our qualified staff, who have the necessary knowledge acquired through specialized training.

All functions securing the the automation units are well and carefully designed. It is practically impossible to open the gate by an unauthorized person. All automation units are rigorously tested and their reliability and safety are certified by CE.

We offer:

  • automation for garage doors,
  • automation for industrial doors,
  • automation for gates (sliding and swing gates),
  • barriers,
  • control and access systems,
  • radio control,
  • solar powered automatics – NEW.
Automation and barriers

With advanced technology, you can open the door with your mobile phone or fingerprint.

We have various accessories for gates on the stock  (remote controls, radios, photocells and others). We offer warranty and post-warranty service.

We do not sell gates or automation accidentally as an “extra” product. We are a reliable partner of many well-known manufacturers such as: