Hall constructions

Steel constructions Hall constructions

Thanks to the invention of steel, many new products have been created. They contribute to the improvement of the quality and comfort of everyday life. ZWM Dojnikowscy has been manufacturing steel constructions of the highest quality and based on innovative technologies for over 25 years. Our steel halls meet the expectations of our customers throughout Europe. We offer stable, innovative and fully custom-designed constructions of different applications.

Hall constructions are made of cold or hot rolled steel. Anti-corrosion protection is provided by spray painting with alkyd paints, polyurethane. The surface before painting is prepared using shot blasting technology for Sa 2,5 surface class. It is also possible to secure the structure to the class required in the project. By using these technologies you are sure that the whole structure is stable and resistant to external conditions.

Our steel constructions are a combination of excellent quality, affordability and on-time delivery.

ZWM is a manufacturer of a variety of components for the construction and building industry, such as steel reinforcments, stairs, roofs, ramps for the disabled or benches. We also produce hall constructions. As an experienced manufacturer we are able to carry out any project on the basis of documentation prepared by the Client. In addition, we recommend selection of other products such as trash baskets or gazebos.

Hall constructions

Wide choice of ZWM steel halls is a guarantee of quality and safety. Our spacious production space is a place where machines and people have the perfect conditions to carry out even the most difficult jobs.