Types of paints

Powder coating technology Types of paints

Nowadays, you can get many kinds of paint for powder painting. Most are epoxy, polyester, polyester, polyurethane and silicone products. Today’s market offers this type of paint in many different colors with different surface structure depending on customer requirements. For example, “anti-graffiti” paint can be used to clean the surface even with very strong detergents without affecting the coating. Chameleons change the shade depending on the position of the sun and the angle of incidence, and the antique paint gives the surface a rustic look. In addition to the rich color of the paint, they form different types of surface from smooth, thin (several microns) to fuzzy structures.

Epoxies Epoxy polyesters Polyesters Façade polyester
Interior car accessories
Car exterior accessories
Water fittings
Lighting supplies
Wire articles
Roofing sheets
Ceramics, terracotta
Elements of facades
Air conditioners
Awnings and umbrellas
Industrial and agricultural machinery
Office steel furniture
Garden steel furniture
Casings for machines and equipment
Casings for electric appliances and computers
Heaters and boilers
Door frames and steel doors
Acoustic absorption screens
Window sills
Stoves and tanks
Aluminum profiles
Industrial shelving
Bicycles and motorcycles
Pipes and scaffolding components
Mesh and wires
Posts and elements of fences
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1. Epoxy paints

Epoxies are paints that are used where maximum resistance to chemicals is required. In addition, they have good mechanical and corrosion resistance. They are used mainly for painting indoors, not exposed to atmospheric conditions (especially UV radiation).

Features of epoxy paints:

  • create flexible coatings,
  • show high chemical resistance,
  • they are characterized by considerable resistance to dynamic stresses,
  • very well covered surfaces,
  • create durable colors.

2. Polyester paints

Polyesters are specialized products with high resistance to the external environment. They provide both protective and decorative coatings with good mechanical properties and excellent anti-corrosion properties. They are designed for outdoor applications.

Features of polyester paints:

  • high weather resistance,
  • high UV resistance,
  • durable colors,
  • no tendency to chalk,
  • very good adhesion to the substrate,
  • very good hiding.

3. Epoxy - polyester paints

Epoxy-polyester paints form a coating with excellent mechanical properties and good resistance to chemical agents. The combination of the properties of the two resins allowed the coatings to be ideally suited for indoor use. This is the most widely used group of powder coatings in Europe.

Features of epoxy-polyester paints:

  • high resistance to mechanical damage,
  • high scratch resistance,
  • high abrasion resistance,
  • durable colors,
  • very good hiding,
  • high chemical resistance.

4. Facade polyester paints

Due to its excellent weather resistance, temperature and high elasticity, it is widely used in the construction industry, automotive parts industry and agricultural machinery, garden and camping equipment, kitchen elements, furnaces and metal coils. The paint is mainly used for exterior use.