Process, technology and ecology

Powder coating technology Process, technology and ecology

Process Process

Powder coating is one of the most modern technologies that allows you to create a smooth and durable surface.

It is based on applying powder paint onto steel elements. Then the surface is cured (usually by thermal method). Elements prepared in this way have outstanding corrosion resistance, long life-cycle and aesthetic appearance.

Technology of powder coating Technology of powder coating

Applying powder coatings is carried out using the electrostatic or electrodynamic spray method.

Paint used in this technique has granulation range of about 10 μm to about 100 μm. Spraying is carried out with compressed air support, which is also used for fluidization of the powder. In the fluidization process of the powder, loose material acquires the properties of liquid materials. Then the powder suspension  in the air is transformed into a mixture that can be easily applied.

The powder used in this process has dielectric properties.

Thanks to them, the paint particles perfectly store electric charges, which allows the paint to become their carriers. As a result, the powder coated components must conduct electrical charge (surface only). In this case, the charged paint particles can adhere perfectly to the surface of the object to be coated.

After painting, the paint is cured at high temperature (about 200 ° C) or using other techniques such as UV radiation. Obtained coatings give smooth surfaces without stains and wrinkles. The time needed to completely cure the paint is selected individually depending on the size of the painted parts. At the end of the polymerization, the elements are removed from the furnace and can be used immediately after cooling down.

Process, technology and ecology

Ecology Ecology

Paint used in the powder coating process is considered to be completely safe for people and the environment.

They are provided with appropriate approvals for contact with food and drinking water. No harmful solvents are used during powder coating, and the paint is applied once (the thickness of the resulting film is comparable to the three layers of solvent paint). Also, the curing process does not produce any harmful side effects because there is no harmful emissions to the atmosphere.