About us

About us

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Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych Dojnikowscy is a producer of various types of steel construction. We produce:

  • hall constructions hall constructions
  • advertising constructions advertising constructions
  • floating platforms floating platforms
  • industrial fencing industrial fencing
  • residential fencing residential fencing
  • façade scaffoldings façade scaffoldings
  • stairs stairs
  • road and park barriers road and park barriers
  • roofings roofings

We offer garage automatics and garage doors of well-known manufacturers. We are an authorized dealer of automation for gates and roller blinds of following producers:


Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych is well known for its products both on Polish and foreign markets. As a result of permanent innovations, modernizations, investments, self-development and looking for new technological, constructional and market solutions our company each year presents bigger and more interesting offer. Thanks to great experience our products are of high quality and manufactured with high precision. The company is located in Suwałki in north-eastern Poland.

Modern production technologies and high qualifications allow us to provide you with the highest quality products. ZWM is dynamically growing , as evidenced by various signs of regard and certificates

We also have the reputation of a Reliable Manufacturer.


30 years of experience

Zakład wyrobów Metalowych was set up in 1987 thanks to the professionalism and obstinacy of the owner – Bogdan Dojnikowski.

100 today ZWM employs people

In the beginning it was a small production plant employing 2 men.

4500 m2 of production area

Production takes place in five production halls with a richly equipped machine park.

9001 implemented ISO system

In 2009 we obtained ISO quality certification in the field of design, manufacture and sale of metal products.

Production Department

Production takes place in five production halls with a total area of 4500 m2. We have a richly equipped machine park, which includes:

  • plasma blower,
  • milling machines,
  • benders,
  • press brake,
  • guillotines for steel cutting,
  • hydraulic clamping press

– necessary for the production of all structural and stainless steel products.

With our well-trained staff, our products are of excellent quality. Our technologists owe the possibility to make every product on the special request of the customer. We can design any type of fence, railings or any other steel product. In addition, the galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized parts are then painted and powdered coated or sprayed.

In July 2011 the company ZWM Dojnikowscy opened the most modern powder coating plant in the region. The project was financed with our own funds and a grant we received from the European Union. Advanced surface treatment and powder coating guarantee the highest quality of services. We offer cleaning and painting of steel elements up to 9,4m.


About us